After leaving school I studied Art and Design at the North East Wales School of Art & design and then worked for a number of years in textiles developing extensive experience in the use of a range of manufacture and materials before returning to study for a Fine Art (Hons) degree , graduating in 2007.

After graduating I have established my own studio and continue to work using a mixed media approach.

My Work


My work concentrates on exploring the interface between memory and experience. By examining the oscillation between my memory’s psychological understanding and the physical process of the creative present I attempt to integrate my inner cerebral reality with the outside world. I rely upon my personal sensation of a subject and work intuitively allowing the artistic process to evolve naturally. The work is only finished when my perception of the subject appears as a visual object. As the artist Howard Hodgkins states:

“A painting is finished when the subject comes back,

when what has caused the painting to be made comes back as an object.”

The final image offers the viewer the freedom to discover his or her own interpretation.